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Craft 4. New format, new section: CRAFT MOBILE SHORT

The new contexts that invade us notoriously affect the interactions we carry out in our world. The incursion of technology has attracted both bad deeds and good deeds. Among the bad ones the list is endless, such as control through big data, which makes us more vulnerable, or the fake domination of algorithms. Among the good ones, the democratization of technology and, with it, the democratization of creative tools and the power to use them, resulting in a digitalized world. This digitization helps the creation of audiovisual works beyond the centre, in the margins, but with excellent quality.

Audiovisual works like ‘She Rose’, created by Malvina Wodzicka in 2018 and of Australian origin, was a short film shot with a smartphone and 6 minutes long. It reflects the story of a girl inspired by the indigenous boxer Lionel Rose, to improve herself, and overcome her demons. A very beautiful synchronous and black and white audiovisual exercise.

At Craft Film Festival we know about this new context. We know that a smartphone serves to make calls but it also serves to create audiovisual works of art. New contexts, new technologies, new audiovisual works. Send us your short film made with your mobile, with a duration between 1 and 5 minutes – credits excluded – through Filmfreeway. In addition to being screened at the festival, the 5 best short films can go on to qualify for distribution on the first European VOD platform.

Inspired by the Kino movement, the short films presented in this section will focus on passionate filmmakers that combine skills, talent, enthusiasm and few resources.

With the Kino movement as the golden part of this year’s section, it will debate the limits against which we collide: the (IM)POSSIBLE. That which may originate in the absence of information, the restrictions imposed by the norms or expectations on how things should be with how we want them to be, and a clash between the public and the intimacy of being, an (IM)POSSIBLE that imposes the cessation of all decisive action.

In the first edition with this section we present the concept of (IM)POSSIBLE? by questioning it. We’ll examine it to blur the limits of ourselves and others, to confront the restrictions that our needs produce, to blur the limits of the intimate desire that generates hierarchies and, therefore, disarm them.

In short, we propose to go through these social and cultural constraints, those dividing lines between what ‘we cannot do’ and what, ultimately, ‘we allow ourselves to do’.

What about you? Do you dare the impossible?



Target age range: all ages

Duration limit of submissions: 1-5 min (excluding credits).

Prizes: we select the best 5 shorts and offer distribution on an online platform.

Subject of this edition: IMPOSSIBLE?

IMPOSSIBLE marks a limit against which we collide: it can originate in the absence of information, the restrictions imposed by the norms or expectations on “how things should be” that collide with what, intimately, “we want it to be”. Seemingly, IMPOSSIBLE imposes the cessation of all decisive action.

In this first edition we present as the theme, the concept IMPOSSIBLE? by questioning it, because the restrictions only show the necessity, expose the intimate desire that struggles to break through and dismantle any hierarchy. We propose to cross this dividing line between what we believe we cannot do and what, finally, we allow ourselves to do.

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