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The extremes are intensifying. The realities that surround us are becoming more and more polarized due to contexts where the concentration of people is reduced, at specific points, mainly characterized by power. Power that is used, although not always, to continue intensifying these extremes.

Art has always been an instrument of subversion for these extremes, these contexts, an instrument that is capable of transforming realities as soon as the sample of a vision is a sample of a point of view and perspective with the ability to affect oneself. An affect that creates more pluralistic and more diversified realities by dissolving those points of power. Cinema is that same instrument, capable of showing visions to change perspectives, to modify realities making them more diversified.

This is why we as spectators have a high awareness of the cultural and social causes that affect our different contexts. Contexts that Craft wants to demonstrate using cinematographic art as the creator of different visions, different perspectives and a generator of consciousness.

We’re looking forward to seeing your vision, your perspective, your CINEMA!!!

Filmmaker, if you think your film could fit into this section of Craft Film Festival, don’t hesitate to send it to us by clicking here.

craft consciousness call for entries
Poster of ‘Salò o le 120 giornate di Sodoma’ by Pasolini

*Films for the Craft Consciousness section must have a duration between 60 and 120 minutes, they can belong to the genre of animation, fantasy, horror and/or experimental, they cannot be available on digital platforms with viewing in Spain and it must not have been shown before in Barcelona.

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