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The Festival

Craft Film Festival is the first festival in Barcelona that pays special tribute to self-produced films with limited external support. The boutique but diverse international program selected after an open call for full-length feature films offers on display works with high artistic qualities, catching stories, distinctive style and original approach to media. The festival jury is the audience and the award is given following a democratic public vote.


The festival aims to become an exhibition platform for self-produced independent films. By offering these films the chance to get premiered and promoted in Barcelona, it introduces aesthetic diversity on local screen but also provides an encouraging networking environment for gifted filmmakers who received limited support throughout the process of creating their films. We believe that the combination of vocation, talent, love for art and necessity for self-expression deserve individual tribune, separate from big festivals and industry events. We created Craft Film Festival to celebrate small films with big potential.


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21/01/2019 Sin categoría


Since the Craft Film Festival was born two years ago, we wanted to be a safe space for artists on the edges of film industry who find difficulties to distribute their films, for economic reasons or of any other kind. Besides that, we also wanted to appear as a festival with a firm conviction that big things can be done without disrespecting our environment. The concept that gives name to our project is crystal clear: we bet on the crafts, on joining small links to build strong chains, on a work done on a small scale, calm and precise, able of creating great products; we’re not interested in savage capitalism and globalization that turn art into a sort of fast-food multinational.

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10/09/2018 Sin categoría

Our #craftsupporters keep collecting successes!

The Craft Team is very excited! Lately, we keep receiving news about the new achievements of the professionals who supported the festival from its birth.

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06/09/2018 Sin categoría

News for entering Craft III

The third edition of the Craft Film Festival will take place on Spring, and this…

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Meet the Team

Somos un equipo creativo, cosmopolita, amantes del cine indie, motivados a descubrir nuevos talentos y abrir vías de creatividad de otra gente como nosotros.