The Festival

Craft Film Festival is the first festival in Barcelona that pays special tribute to self-produced films with limited external support. The boutique but diverse international program selected after an open call for full-length feature films offers on display works with high artistic qualities, catching stories, distinctive style and original approach to media. The festival jury is the audience and the award is given following a democratic public vote.


The festival aims to become an exhibition platform for self-produced independent films. By offering these films the chance to get premiered and promoted in Barcelona, it introduces aesthetic diversity on local screen but also provides an encouraging networking environment for gifted filmmakers who received limited support throughout the process of creating their films. We believe that the combination of vocation, talent, love for art and necessity for self-expression deserve individual tribune, separate from big festivals and industry events. We created Craft Film Festival to celebrate small films with big potential.

MANIFESTO: What is Craft Cinema?

Craft products are associated with sophisticated taste, multifaceted flavours, quality ingredients, a personal touch, passion, and copious talent involved in the production process. All of this applies to craft cinema in particular. It is a result of boutique microproduction that lacks the support of big industry and important institutions but fights for its independent viewpoint.

Craft means auteur cinema par exellence created by people who often sacrifice their sleep and private lives for the sole sake of expressing what they could not leave unexpressed.

Its common features include:

    • auteur point of view;
    • distinctive personal style;
    • high quality of all its components with attention to details;
    • off – “big industry”;
    • not (or scarcely) supported by mainstream institutions;
    • independently and self-produced;
  • with limited distribution (not necessarily but it often happens).

Such stylistic and production “restrictions” often suppose micro-budget as well, but the budget amount is not a defining criteria.

The most important characteristic of craft cinema is that it comes straight from the heart. And this is priceless.

About us

Vanessa Pérez de Somacarrera


Oliver Prescott


Guillem Martinez


Lidia Rodpi


Programming Team

Alba Laguna


David Kumada


Pattie Clapés


Mireia Iniesta


Mariana Freijomil


Maria Abad


Jaime Lapaz


Andréa Lesueur


Ylenia Cañadas


José A. Pérez


Terms & Conditions

1. Films selected for the Official Selection will be notified in advance and they are all eligible for the audience and the jury prizes.

2. Nominees will be announced on the notification date and the winner will be announced at the closing party of the festival in Barcelona.

3. All foreign submissions must be subtitled in English or Spanish.

​4. The filmmaker/institution that is submitting the film must own the rights to do so and is responsible for the content they are providing. By submitting the film, the filmmaker allows us to screen it during the official dates of the festival, advertise the film without infringing copyright of any kind of form and list them on social media platforms as well as our website.

​5. The late deadline submission entry is not refundable.

​6. All the submited films must be DIY, indie, micro-budget independent and self-financed nacional and international FEATURE FILMS; all genres accepted.

7. The Official Selection will only be accepting FICTION FEATURE FILMS, no documentaries or short film will be selected.

8. All the submitted films must have a minimum duration of 60 minutes and a maximum of 120 minutes.

9. No preview screening of the submitted film in Barcelona, Spain, previous to the dates of the “CRAFT FILM FESTIVAL BARCELONA 2017”.

10. The submitted films must not be on display to be viewed on online platforms in Spain previous to the dates of the “CRAFT FILM FESTIVAL BARCELONA 2017”.

11. Rules and terms and conditions are subject to change at the discretion of the “CRAFT FILM FESTIVAL BARCELONA”.