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New year, new visions, but always looking back to continue heading forward. Always looking to give voice and vision to those films that, due not to their lack of quality but to their limited resources and so distribution, reach a smaller audience.

In the current technological world, the variety of screens we have and the digitalization of the films make this distribution happen. Nevertheless, despite this ease of distribution and exhibition of audiovisual works, the viewer is sometimes saturated by sights and sounds. So the creation of transitory spaces such as film festivals is still necessary and vital to witness these audiovisual jewels.

In this fourth edition we want to continue with the construction of this temporary space and, more importantly, we want to continue giving a voice and vision to those young directors and their audiovisual creations, making them known to the public and doing a bit to contribute to their distribution.

Official poster of ‘h0us3’ film

For this reason, WE’RE LOOKING FOR WORKS OF PRIMA OPERA FOR THIS SECTION OF THE CRAFT FILM FESTIVAL to show and, if it is a winner, be distributed, on October 2nd, 3rd and 4th of this year. This can be the debut work in any film genre (animation, fiction, fantasy, horror or experimental), with a duration of 60 to 120 minutes maximum, which cannot be currently seen on any online platforms in Spain and which must not have been shown before in the city of Barcelona.

If your debut work fits any of these requirements, WE’RE LOOKING FOR IT!!!

Send it to us by clicking here.

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